Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions

I have created an informative report that will help answer many questions regarding installation of graphics. You can download it by visiting the Installation Tips section of the site. For questions more generic in nature, browse this list below. If you do not see your questions answered and you've already read my installation article, send me an E-MAIL!


Where can the graphics be installed?

They can be installed on many different surfaces, including painted metal (i.e.. cars, motorcycles, etc.), glass, Plexiglas, Fiberglas (boats and personal water craft), painted wood, banners, plastics, and more.

Can I install the vinyl graphics myself?

ABSOLUTELY. Anyone can do it. To ensure you are well informed and know all of tip and tricks of the pros, read my Installation Guide.

Will graphics harm my car or boat surface?

The vinyl will not harm the surface. Vinyl has been used for years on cars, trucks, boats, personal water craft and more.

Will the graphics harm tinted windows?

No. Since tint is placed on the inside of windows and vinyl on the outside, you will not have any problems.

What color graphic would look good on my car?

Choosing a color can be difficult. That's why I have a written a Color Harmony section of the site. It will explain color harmony and give you specific examples of what colors complement each other. I also advise you to Order Samples. It's a "surefire" way to know whether a color works with your application

The graphic isn't sticking to my window?

Windows do not have the same properties that painted surfaces have. Therefore, window graphics take much longer to adhere when applying wet. You may need to wait up to an hour before the adhesive starts to "bite" and you can begin pulling away the application tape. Be patient it WILL stick! I highly recommend you use Window Juice for glass (or other surface) graphic applications. It dries quicker and is specially formulated to work with window graphics.


Will the decals last a long time?

Yes, as long they are installed correctly. It is critical you follow the necessary steps outlined in my Installation Guide to ensure years of enjoyment from your graphics. When installed correctly they can last for 7 years or more!

Does certain vinyl last longer than others?

Yes. Insist on "high performance 2 mil" when ordering any vinyl. Also beware that reflective, fluorescent, and other specialty vinyl does not last as long. Usually the manufacturer will only guarantee one - two years on specialty vinyl. They do look cool though! One great thing about vinyl is that it's not paint. Just take it off and put some new graphics on.


Do you make custom graphics?

ABSOLUTELY! We can create just about anything. Visit the Special Requests area of the site for more information.

How can I have a custom graphic made?

Complete the Custom Graphic Request Form and I'll provide the graphic complete with your dimensions free of charge.

Can I request a different size?

Yes. If you don't see the size you need, simply visit the Special Requests area.

If I send you an image can you create a custom graphic?

Yes. We accept IBM and MAC compatible formats.


Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, we are happy to offer volume discounts based on quantity. When you Create Your Own graphics, discounted pricing is already built into the shopping cart. For quantities over 10 and over 20, discounts are available- great when you need multiple car club or association decals, etc. If you have another request or need much larger quantities, simply send me an e-mail with the expected quantity and graphic type and I'll be happy to provide you discounted pricing.


What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Personal Checks.

How long does it take to receive my order?

All orders are custom made upon order confirmation and manufactured within 48 hours (except weekends and holidays) and sent out the following day. Delays in shipping may be caused by invalid or declined credit cards, time needed to clear a personal check, or out of stock materials. You will receive e-mail regarding any possible delays immediately following your order.

How do my graphics arrive?

Larger graphics are shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes. Smaller graphics are sent in cardboard envelopes via UPS or FEDEX. Along with your graphic(s), every order receives a squeegee and written instructions.

How are my graphics sent?

All orders are sent via UPS or FEDEX. Average delivery time is between 5-7 days nationwide in the US. Unless otherwise stated.