Here is the info you'll need to know if you're interested in one of our wraps.  We utilize a 54" ValuJet printer to produce our wraps.  We also utilize a laminating machine, once the wraps are printed.  We will use Premium wrap media to print Wraps.  With that, we will use Premium laminate that coincides with that particular media.  We've found that the Premium vinyl wrap is a very good material that has great printing characteristics as well as ease of installation.  And, it won't break the bank when it comes to customer costs.  We're always looking for ways to cut the cost for our customers. 

Our designers have several years of designing race cars and have seen everything from wild, multi-colored designs.....that are also extremely hard to make out or read, and they've seen the simplest, yet most effective designs.  Our designers like to fall in the middle.  Maintaining readability, and yet still be colorful and exciting.  Our wraps are sure to provide you with that extra pizzazz that you want your fans to notice, and your sponsors to be happy with.  Speedway Lettering wraps are easy to install.  We can give some tips at the time of placing your order to help with your install.    

Prices will vary depending on car type.  Pricing for Dirt Late Models and Modifieds are listed below.  As usual, shipping is extra.  These prices are a baseline only and does not account for extra time for artwork.  We will provide one design with these prices, if the racer wants to see a different design, those are billed additional at $100 per design.  Trust us, we'll come up with a unique and eye catching design for you.  Our time is extremely valuable, so we won't waste time on doing something the racer hasn't asked for.  We do not "give away" our time. We will however, use SOME of the design elements and come up with a unique design for you.  If you have no preference on design, let us work.  We'll come up with a unique design that will have a wide range of colors and graphics.  Prices for Stock Cars or Hobby Stocks and Sprint Cars will fall somewhere in these areas, but it is best to call for a more accurate quote.  

Dirt Late Models-------------------------
  Complete wrap - sides, hood/filler, roof, sail panels    -  $795.00
  Standard package - sides, roof number, drivers names -  $535.00
  Sides only - both doors and quarters                           -  $450.00

   Add ons  -  sail panels  -  $89.00 per pair
                   hood         -  $129.00
                   filler         -  $110.00

Additional sponsors for either hood or the nose filler can be added at additional cost. Applies to Standard Package.

  IMCA-type/UMP-type Modifieds-------------------------------------
     Complete wrap - sides, hood/nose, roof, sails             -  $695.00
     Standard package - sides, roof number, drivers names  -  $439.00
     Sides only - doors and quarters                                   -  $349.00

   Add ons -  sail panels  -  $99.00 per pair
                   hood         -  $99.00
                   nose         -   $69.00

   Additional sponsors for either hood or nose can be added at additional cost.  Applies to Standard Package.

All orders with Fluorescent overlays are billed an additional $100 over and above the wrap price.  For instance, if you're wanting Fluorescent Orange numbers on your wrap, we'll add the Fluorescent Orange to your numbers and a couple of your sponsors for an additional $100 over and above the Complete, Standard, or Sides-Only Package prices.  It's much easier to do it this way than to try to price out each piece individually.  This covers all of the Fluorescent colors that we have available, Orange, Red, Green, Yellow, Hot Pink.  Two different colors of Fluorescent on one wrap....WILL increase the price, naturally.

You'll get a pretty nice product for those prices.  We can drop in special effects, add photos to the wrap, etc.  The wrap will come to you laminated with a tough material designed to fight against dirt, chemical spills and light tire marks.  It will be in one long piece that is best installed by two people.  We also build a bit of "bleed" into the wraps....which means there will be extra material on the top, sides and bottom of the wrap that will hang off the car.  This allows for positioning properly.  If necessary, we'll place marks with grease pencil(rubs off easily) that will coincide with the body lines and where to start the wrap.  It's also a good idea to get the car up off the ground on jack stands with the tires off the car.

We print our wraps right here at our shop, we DO NOT sub-contract this print work to other professional printers.  We ARE professional printers.  Some shops sub-out their print work.   Mostly because they simply don't have the equipment or the knowledge.  We possess both of these.  This lets us have control over how we print, what material we print on, and how fast we can turn it around.  If you crack up a body panel on your racecar, we can easily print a new wrap panel to fill in the new aluminum.  By using a quality laminating film, we can provide excellent protection of the print.  We use a 3.2mil overlaminate that will hold up to mud, cleaning chemicals, "mudd off", light scrapes, tools and jack handles banged into the sides of the car, lazy crew guys leaning on the car, etc.

The possibilities are endless. We can use your artwork, which could add slightly to final price or we can come up with a nice racy design for you.  Give us a
call to see what we can do for you  !!!  We definitely don't like to copy another shops work, therefore we prefer to come up with an original design for you.  If you see something you like, we can take cues from that, but we won't copy another design.  

If you're going to call to order a wrap, please have all your racecar body measurements.  Use these savable layouts to measure your car so we're able to make the wrap fit your exact car.  All body makers are a bit different and it is a "craft" anymore to make racecar bodies.  We want your wrap to fit properly with no lettering or sponsors "falling off" the usable areas of the car.